Functioning Alcoholic with DUI Needs Treatment

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We recently connected with Drew*, a functioning alcoholic who went from drinking after work everyday to drinking all day around 6-8 weeks ago. He doesn’t know what change caused him to start suddenly drinking heavily. Since this change, he was caught driving under the influence and now has a 90 suspension and court hearing next month.

Drew was proactive about his recovery and wanted to find out how to start seeking treatment. At the time of call, he had gone through withdrawals and was about 7 days sober. Here’s what information we started Drew off with:

  • His local mental health and addiction office
  • Back on Track (the impaired drivers program in Ontario)
  • Private practice therapy to discuss stress and coping strategies
  • His local AA chapter (we told him to start attending meetings and have them documented)
  • Affordable (Drew is close to retiring) residential treatment program to consider if he self-refers or it is court ordered or self imposed

Many of our suggestions and resources were aimed to help Drew find a recovery community and also show initiative that he is remorseful for driving under the influence and is genuine in seeking help.


One of the first places you want to contact is this agency:

This is your local mental health and addiction office. Start off by scheduling an appointment. You will want to know if they have any impaired driver resources and if you can get started in outpatient programs before your hearing.


Here is the website for the back on track program:

It is Ontario’s impaired drivers program. Call the toll-free telephone number to see if they have any programs near you. Again, getting information or signing up for this program will show initiative for your recovery and to the legal system.


Here are the therapists in your area that address addiction issues. Private practice therapy is something that you would pay for or get covered by extended health insurance. It may help to talk to someone private on how to cope with alcohol, prevent relapse, and address other mental health issues that may have been contributing to your drinking behaviours.

Kingston – Private Practice Addiction Therapists

Altrows, Irwin F. – Ph.D.
837 Princess St., Suite 305 
Kingston, ON K7L 1G8
Phone: (613) 549-2195 

Ashford, Keith – BA, M.Div.
Men’s Counselling Services
 797 Princess St., Suite 305
Kingston, ON K7L 2Z8
Phone: (613) 214-2555

Marchenko, Natalie – MA, CCC
308 Wellington St.
 Kingston, ON K7K 7A8 
Phone: (613) 425-4257

Seidman, Bonnie T. – Ph.D.
128 Ontario Street
 Kingston, ON K7L 2Y4
 Phone: (613) 546-9118

Williams, David – MA, RPC
L&A Addiction and Community Health Services
5 Westview Road
 Kingston, ON K7R 4C1 
Phone: (613) 354-7521 ext. 305

You will need to call them and discuss if they will be a good fit for providing therapy. If you do not feel that any of these therapist will help you, use this link to see if there are other suitable therapists in your area: This page is organized by outpatient offices then private practice. Both sections are categorized alphabetically by city.


Here is the contact information for the AA groups in Kingston:

Kingston AA
District 36, Area 83
P.O. Box 1726
Kingston, ON K7L 5J6
Phone: (613) 549-9380

You will have to see if you can make a document showing your attendance. You may need to go to a meeting and talk to the moderator/chair to see if they can help you with that. Again, that will show the legal system that you are taking responsibility of your recovery.


If you need residential treatment, we recommend Life Science for you. One, because it is more affordable than other programs and, two, because they may be willing to accept you short term (2 weeks) rather than for the full 4 weeks. Keep this program in mind in case you are court-ordered to attend residential treatment. If you are, this is a reputable program that would provide you effective treatment. However, if you cannot afford the fees, we can also provide you a list of OHIP funded treatment programs.

Life Science Addiction Treatment Center
114 Rue Kimpton, Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0
Phone: (450) 451-9995 Fax: (450) 451-9995 Website: E-Mail:
Description: This English-speaking program costs $8,000 for 30 days and offers an evidence-based and best practices model. They work with clients and design a treatment program that works best for them and implements proper coping strategies. Treatment takes place in a home like environment in a rural area of Quebec.


*Name changed to protect privacy

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