Ontario Programs for Families Affected by Addiction

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Ella* is a volatile poly substance abuser (including opiates). Her mother, Ruth*, has custody of her 3 kids. While Ruth is looking for treatment programs for Ella, her biggest challenge would be convincing her daughter that treatment is the best thing for her. We provided resources for available treatment program and outpatient offices in her area (London, Ontario) that also deal with affected family members and loved ones. Outpatient Facilities with Family Programs Addiction Services of Thames Valley (ADSTV) 260-200 Queens Avenue  London, ON N6A 1J3 Phone: (519) 673-3242 (ext. 222) E-Mail: intake@adstv.on.ca Description: assessment and outpatient counselling for youth and adults. Also has a program for family members, significant others, pregnant women and women with children up to 6 months of age. French available. Westover Treatment Centre – London 379 Dundas Street London, ON N6B 1V5 Phone: (519) 692-5110 E-Mail: homeoffice@westover-fdn.org Description: outpatient counselling for youth, adults and affected family members and significant others. These facilities offer both outpatient services and assessment services needed to apply for Canada’s only government-funded “affected family member” (Co-Dependency) Residential Treatment Program (offered by LHIN throughout Ontario), which also offers a specialized program for kids affected by substance use. This webpage also offers helpful information for family/friends of addicted loved ones needing treatment and...

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Detox & Outpatient Facilities in Ontario for Opiate Addiction

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Brampton-Mississauga is an area in Ontario that we receive calls regularly about opiate abuse. A sister, Amy, living in the area called for her 29-year-old brother, Will*, who uses 80 mg of Oxycontin regularly. Wanted to know where she could help him get into a facility for withdrawal. Will wanted to keep working and Amy wanted to know what outpatient programs were available to him. Because this is Will’s second relapse, we thought it might be a good idea for Will to have his drug and alcohol counsellor refer him to a residential program. He would be wait-listed for 6-12 weeks before he got into a program. We recommended the following facilities and resources for Will & Amy’s situation: Detox Units William Osler Health Centre – Withdrawal Management Centre 135 McLaughlin Road S Brampton, ON L6Y 2C8 Phone: (905) 456-3500 Fax: (905) 456-3522 Website: www.williamoslerhc.on.ca/patients-and-families/programs-services/mental-health-and-addictions Description: Staff is not medically trained so clients must be sufficiently stable prior to admission. Contact this program to determine suitability. The Credit Valley Hospital – Addictions and Concurrent Disorders Centre 2nd Floor 
2200 Eglinton Avenue W 
Mississauga, ON L5M 2N1 Phone: (905) 813-4402 Description: Assessment and outpatient counselling for adults 19 and older, including intensive outpatient counselling and a program for adults who have completed residential treatment. GRIP Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program
T.A. Patterson & Associates Mississauga Public Library 301 Burnhamthorpe Road W 
Mississauga, ON L5B 3Y3 Phone: (905) 546-0775 Description: 6-week psycho-educational group for adult males only. Peel Addiction Assessment and Referral Centre (PAARC) – East Mississauga 302-5170 Dixie Road 
Mississauga, ON L4W 1E3 Phone: (905) 629-1007 ext.22 
E-Mail: admin@paarc.com Description: Assessment and outpatient counselling for youth and adults, including a program for...

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3 Men Needing Opioid Addiction Treatment

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One caller, Harold*, called in for himself looking for a specific program in the Niagara Region. It took us a few minutes to realize he had been told that this was going to be the best program and it was someone else’s recommendation for treatment. We, then, determined several factors that let us help him a better way than just giving him the information he had called in for. Harold wanted a program to help him deal with an addiction to Heroin. He was already on a Suboxone program and wanted OHIP options. We told him all the steps he needed to take and then explained what he needed to do. As usual, we sent him a follow-up email outlining all the information we discussed. That’s not all though… After giving Harold the resources he needed, he asked how we could help his brother who was also addicted to Heroin but was, instead, on a methadone maintenance program. We said his brother would have a harder time finding treatment because many programs don’t accept clients using methadone, but would send him another, separate email detailing options available to his brother. It didn’t end here though… Harold proceeded to ask about available treatment to a friend in his circle who was not yet on Suboxone or methadone and was still smoking heroin. This was the easier person to provide treatment options for as he was not on any anti-craving drugs. There are more options available for people using only Heroin and not Suboxone or Methadone.  LOCATION: BRAMPTON, ONTARIO Harold DOC: Suboxone PERSON: 26-year-old male REQUEST: Harold is looking for OHIP options for opioid addiction treatment and programs teaching coping techniques. Harold also wanted to get off Suboxone, which we gave him detox options for. We also suggested Harold talk with his prescribing doctor about tapering off Suboxone before or after treatment. We provided a list of programs that accept methadone clients and told Harold to also call the Drug and Alcohol Helpline (1.800.565.8603) to get a list of residential programs that are within his LHIN (Unlike Methadone, Suboxone usually is permitted to be administered in treatment programs). We also gave Harold information for the nearest assessment office and a list of questions to ask in order to gather the information he needs before he gets assessed/referred to a opioid treatment program. Harold’s Brother DOC: Methadone Harold wanted information for programs that could help his brother get off Methadone and treat his opioid addiction. We told Harold that the same information we provided to him would also help het his brother into treatment. However, Harold’s brother will have a harder time because of Methadone is less accepted treatment programs than Suboxone. We suggested, if Harold’s brother didn’t want to be on Methadone, that he start working with his prescribing Doctor to start tapering. ASSESSMENT AND REFERRAL OFFICE (for Harold and his brother) William Osler Health Centre – Addiction Counselling and Problem Gambling Clinics 301-118 Queen Street W Brampton, ON L6X 1A5 Phone: (905) 796-3005 Note: assessment and outpatient counselling for youth and adults. METHADONE PROGRAMS (for Harold’s brother) Cornwall Adult Support Recovery St. Denis Centre
 339 Second St. East
 Cornwall, ON K6H 1Y8 Phone: (613)933-0418 (direct)
 Toll-Free: 1(800) 272-9236 ext.107 (Admission/referral)
 Fax: (613) 933-3825
 E-Mail: annzeran@aseo-steo.org Website: http://www.drugandalcoholhelpline.ca/Directory/Program/1932 St. Joseph’s General Hospital Elliot Lake (30MG or less and tapering) Camillus Centre 3-9 Oakland Boulevard Elliot Lake, ON P5A 2T1 Phone: (705) 848-2652 Phone: (705) 848-2129 ext. 242 (intake) Website: www.sjgh.ca Guelph Adult Primary Treatment (30MG or less and tapering) Homewood Addiction and Mental Health Division 
150 Delhi Street 
Guelph, ON N1E 6K9 Phone: (519) 824-1010 ext.2551 (Intake)
Toll-Free: 1(866) 839-2594 Fax: (519) 767-3533
E-Mail: admit@homewood.org Website: www.homewood.org Guelph Adult Support Recovery Stonehenge Therapeutic Community (Can do a methadone taper via doctor recommendation) 60 Westwood Rd.
Guelph, ON N1H 7X3 Phone: (519) 837-1470...

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Opioid/Heroin Addiction Detox & Treatment

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All of the stories we hear are sad in some way, but some are more heartbreaking than others… Laura lives in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, but her son, Andrew, currently resides in Alberta. Linda recently received news that Andrew is in an Edmonton hospital recovering from an assault (likely related to substance use). He has broken ribs and fractures to the face, as well as other injuries. Laura is looking for as many funded resources for Andrew as possible. We started off by giving her contact information for several Mental Health and Addiction offices. Over the phone, we also gave Laura contact information for several detox locations to call before she goes to Edmonton to pick Andrew up from the hospital. We also provided information for medical detoxes in Toronto if Laura decides to bring Andrew back to Ontario. These are the closest Mental Health and Addiction offices to Laura: Community Addiction Services of Niagara 401-60 James Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7E7 Phone: (905) 684-1183 ext. 221 E-Mail: mchudy@cas-n.ca City of Hamilton, Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Services 3rd Floor 21 Hunter Street E Hamilton, ON L8N 1M2 Phone: (905) 546-3606 E-Mail: adgs@hamilton.ca Suntrac Addiction Treatment Centre Mission Services of Hamilton, Inc. 106-293 Wellington Street N Hamilton, ON L8L 7W2 Phone: (905) 528-0389 E-Mail: suntrac@mission-services.com Wayside House of Hamilton 15 Charlton Avenue W Hamilton, ON L8P 2B8 Phone: (905) 528-8969 E-Mail: regan.anderson@gmail.coma This link will take you to a list of additional options (alphabetically organized by city) if the facilities above are unavailable: http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/ON/Ontario-Outpatient-Alcohol-Drug-Rehab-Programs.html#govt DETOX/WITHDRAWAL SERVICES Andrew will most likely need to be sober prior to admission for any treatment program. Here is a link to the medical services of Ontario: http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/ON/Ontario-Medical-Detox-Alcohol-Drug-Rehab-Programs.html There are only four locations offering medically supervised withdrawal: Two in Toronto, one in Ottawa, and the other in Sioux Lookout (near Kenora). This link will give you more options if the mens withdrawal unit in St. Catherine’s cannot assist you with his withdrawals. St. Catherine’s Withdrawal Management Services (Detox) Niagara Health System Niagara Regional Men’s Withdrawal Management Service 10 Adams Street
St. Catharines, ON L2R 2V8 Phone: (905) 682-7211 ext.1 
Fax: (905) 682-4749
 Website: www.drugandalcoholhelpline.ca/Directory/Program/6848 Andrew also has pending criminal charges and may need a program that allows clients to attend hearings. Here are links to CSC programs in Ontario that will accommodate hearings and programs that accept clients on methadone (which is possible since Andrew is a frequent relapse): http://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/text/pblct/community/onte-eng.shtml RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT Here is a link to all the residential programs that offer treatment in Ontario: http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/ON/Ontario-Residential-Alcohol-Drug-Rehab-Programs.html It is a mix of private, charitable, and government-funded programs organized alphabetically by city. We suggest scrolling through the list and highlighting programs that offer long-term treatment. Start with these ones first since you mentioned it would be better for Andrew to stay in treatment as long as possible. Take notes on the programs (create a list), then call and ask the questions provided in the link below. This will help you find a program that is low in cost and long-term. Write down when you called so that you know if you’ve called and left a message. If you do not hear back from the program, call back. When researching treatment programs, make sure to ask them all the questions necessary to ensure Andrew’s needs will be met. Here is a suggest list of questions to ask.                   METHADONE-SUPPORTED PROGRAMS   If Andrew begins using methadone as part of his treatment, here is the list of programs that accept clients on methadone:   Note: This is a list of programs that deal with clients...

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