Wife Looking for Sex Addiction Treatment for Husband

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Gina* contacted us looking for support resources after she caught her husband, Derek*, cheating. It wasn’t just like a one time thing; Gina believes it’s a compulsion. Derek is currently going to Sex Addiction meetings in Toronto and trying to do what he can for himself. We recommended Gina to contact JACS and get more information about their support groups for affected family members and loved ones. We also suggested she consider seeking counselling. This was something we focused a lot on. Ideally, Gina should seek out a therapist that will work with her and Derek as a couple after she gets a few sessions to deal with her own mental health. Because Derek does not also have a known substance issue, if Gina is looking for treatment she will need to find treatment programs that deal with behavioural or evidence-based practices. Some programs like this include: SCHC, Life-Science, Bellwood, and CAMH. Attending counselling is a good first start as it is a far more affordable option and treatment can always take place afterwards if necessary and recommended by their therapist. Questions to ask potential therapists/counsellors: What is the cost (per session, etc.)? Do you do couples’ sessions? Will you seen me on my own first then with my husband? We suggested Gina let Derek continue attending Sex Addicts Anonymous. Here is a link to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous’ meeting schedule and locations in Toronto: http://www.slaa-ontario.org/ Here are two other support groups for sex and love addiction SLAA Toronto Intergroup 300 Coxwell Ave.
 Box 22514 
Toronto ON M4L 2A0 Ontario Toll-free: (877) 486-8201 
Email: info@slaa-ontario.org Sexual Compulsives Anonymous in Toronto A 12-Step fellowship that is inclusive to all sexual orientations and open to anyone with a desire to recover from sexual compulsion. SCA is a spiritual program that provides a safe environment for working on problems related to sexual compulsion and sexual sobriety. If neither counselling nor meetings seems to resolve the issues between Gina and Derek, we asked her to call us for additional resources. Because Derek does not have apparent substance abuse issues, he will benefit most from a program that is evidence-based and is experienced in dealing with behavioural and process addictions. There are only a handful in Ontario and Canada that would be worth considering. Resource groups for affected family members JACS – Jewish Addiction Community Services Email: info@jacstoronto.org
 Website: www.jacstoronto.org JACS TORONTO
 858 Sheppard Ave. W.
Toronto, ON M3H 2T5
 Phone: (416) 638-0350 
Fax: (416) 628-2211 JACS THORNHILL
 #13 – 1118 Centre St.
Thornhill, ON L4J 7R9
 Phone: (905) 886-0350 Note: Assessment and outpatient services for men, women, youth, and families. Here is also a list of “outpatient” options for Gina and Derek, which will provide mental health and addiction help mostly through OHIP contracted agencies: http://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca/toronto-rehab.html#govt RESOURCES FOR SEX ADDICTION Here is a link to all the sex addiction resources for Canada (e.g. therapy, meetings, treatment programs): http://www.canadadrugrehab.ca/Sex-Addiction-Treatment.html Here is a list of therapists from the link above practicing in the Toronto area: Barrett, Michael F. Ph.D.
 25 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON
 Phone: (416) 978-3488
 Note: ABS Certified Sex Educator Burgoyne, Robert, MSc., MSW, RSW
 661 Carlaw Ave.
Toronto, ON M4K 3K6 
Phone: (416) 436-9205
 Email: robert.burgoyne@sympatico.ca
 Note: Relationship and Sexual Counselling. Registered Sex Therapist. Campbell, Bonnie – BA, DCTP, CAPT
 Spadina Therapy Centre
 37 Spadina Road 
Toronto, ON M5R 2S9
 Phone: (647) 977-5918
 Note: has expertise in the treatment of unproductive behaviours like excessive drinking, drug abuse, eating disorders, or sexual addiction. Golden, Judith – BSW, M.Ed., RSW 
118 Eglinton Ave. W, Suite 210 
Toronto, ON M4R 2G4
 Phone: (416) 485-4073
 Note: works in all areas of human...

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