Addiction Treatment Programs with Strong Mental Health Components

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Rob* called in for his 45-year-old sister, Sara*, at the end of August looking for treatment programs that would help her deal with mental health stability rather than abstinence.

Sara has already attended Bellwood 4-5 times, which was covered by her employer (a county in Ontario). Sara is described as a binge drinker with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. She was recently disciplined for drinking on the job.

The three major mental health programs in Ontario include:

  1. Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in Penetanguishine
  2. CAMH Anxiety and Mood Disorders Inpatient Program in Toronto
  3. Meadow Creek Residential Treatment in Ottawa

If the employer wanted to pay for private treatment again or if the family wanted to pay a fee, we recommended Joey Marcelli for intervention services and the Freedom from Addiction Recovery Home to keep her in Ontario.

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